Monday, 13 March 2017

March Meeting at Wellow......

Once again a lovely lively gathering, lots of chatter, lots of hard work and lots to show and tell.
Pat very ably led us in starting our mohair teddy making project, really looking forward to seeing the results.
Pats sample bears

Show and Tell

Elaine brought in her finished Maggie

 Hilary showed us this lovely little bear inherited from an elderly relative, obviously very much loved

We had a great collection of finished cats from last months fun workshop......

June has been very busy making these lovely fabric flowers, she is designing her workshop which will be great fun


Saturday, 11 March 2017

Next Meeting....

Next Meeting......

Looking forward to our next meeting on Sunday
same place same time and looking forward to our mohair teddy bear project lead by Pat

See you there!

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

First Meeting after AGM...........

A great turnout again and a fun workshop kicks off  2017, lots to see in show and tell and a great little project to get us started.

Great fun spent looking at all sorts of lovely colour prints and sewing our little cats, very simple and very effective in getting us back into the mood of creating things. Thankyou Lesley for leading the workshop

Everyone hard at work accompanied by the usual banter and gossip!

Workshop project for the next 3 meetings, looking forward to a range of mohair boys.......

Show and Tell......
 Doll from South Africa brought in by Pat

A great little Book with some lovely little ideas

 Congratulations to June and Michael on their 51st Wedding Anniversary, lovely picture

 June has showed us her workshop idea of Japanese flowers, looking forward to learning more

 A great way of using up and recycling Christmas cards, shown us by June
 Carole brought in her finished project doll.........just beautiful, she says she has no intention of making another one!!
 Caroles Boot sale find, she had to do a bit of restoration work but what a find.
Anne (who doesn't knit) has been turning out these hats on a knitting loom while she has to take extended periods of rest.

Join us at our next Meeting in March, see the website for details

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Happy New Year......

From all the Southern Belles, lets hope 2017 will be full of creativity and fun

Today was the day of the AGM and membership payments, the appointment of new officers and our annual Christmas party.

The annual reports are available to anyone who would like to see them, but needless to say a good year has passed, we remain financially healthy and looking forward to 2017.

Please see our website for an update of the 2017 programme and details of the new officers.


Secret Santa pressies....exciting!

Hilary finished he little project doll and dressed her to look like her grandaughter who already has it so we only got to see the photo

More project dolls getting there

A finished  topsy turvy doll a project lead by Lesley last year

Anne brought these cute little birds which she wore as Christmas earings!

An American lunch, lots of delicious puddings!!

June showed us her bag that she had made, a lovely design with beautiful embroidery all done by June.

Monday, 12 September 2016

A belated post.......

Big Apologies for the delay in posting.....such busy times!
As I write Lesley, Vivienne, Trudy and Elaine are having a great time at the GDS Convention in Budapest, we are looking forward to hearing all about it on their return.

 The current project doll is coming along as we grapple with all things tiny!

 Jean has finished knitting her little doll, a dolly for a doll!
 Mary showed us her little peg woodens
 Much gossip as usual!!

Our Project doll, ready to go...........

Monday, 16 May 2016

Another Southern Belles gathering......

Another pleasant day at the Southern Belles Meeting. Everyone was busy creating the third 'face' for the 3 faced topsy turvy doll that we have been working on.

As usual a lot of chatter and the 'show and tell' table was full again.

Finished projects started at Waltham Abbey

Her Majesty looking wonderful created by Carole Piper

The next Meeting will be in June, looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Learning At Waltham Abbey......

During the convention we were privileged to learn from two very interesting speakers.....

Catherine Jennings from the Doll club of Great Britain gave us a very interesting talk on the dolls of America with some wonderful samples to show us

Felicity Warnes gave us a fascinating talk on the collection of colour plates of ladies fashions that she has collected over the years and of course we all had to have the wonderful book that she has produced. The colour prints that she has produced ar simply wonderful!