Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Sue's Day Out.........

I had a day out today! Having joined the Doll club of Great Britain I thought I'd show willing and get to a meeting in London. There was a very informative talk by Olwyn Pearson on Black Dolls.
The Show and tell table was loaded with all sorts of examples of black dolls from the 1850's to contemporary to mystery dolls, all were lovely to see........

 A lovely 'Hilda'
 A gorgeous AM341
 A Beautiful Steiner
 A Collection of Helen Kish Dolls
And a wonderful collection of individually crafted traditional cloth dolls from Brazil

Sunday, 12 October 2014

October Meeting.......

Another Meeting at Wellow, we were a small but select and vocal group this time. And we were given the biggest room! unlike last month when we had a big turnout and the smallest room.....C'est la Vie!!

We had much discussion about the wording of the proposed new handbook but we did combine that with working on a little felt ball brought by Lesley. The theme for this meeting was toys for our project doll.
Vivienne brought he lovely little doll that she won an award with ar Waltham Abbey 

 Eddie brough his finished Tamari Ball, all the workshop projects are gradually getting finished!

 Hilary has finished her little cot for the project doll this year, well done Hilary I think you and June are the first to finish!

 Trudy presented this lovely little rattle creatively made with two tea strainers.......who would guess at this use for them?

 And although there was a great deal of talking (as usual) there was also a bit of work being done....