Thursday, 5 June 2014

An assortment of photos.........

Here are an assortment of photos taken at the GDS Convention, sadly not the best quality but you get the gist!

GDS Convention, Thuringia, Germany

Weary but happy Lesley, Trudy, Vivienne, Sue, Elaine and Graham arrived back home on Sunday after a packed few days at the GDS Convention.

We enjoyed tours of the porcelain factories, museums and flea markets as well as participating in the Puppenfest in Sonnebad, where the workshops were being held.....And the Southern Belles did well in the competition, Vivienne and Elaine came away with Golds, popular choice and costume and Trudy did well too. Sadly I didn't get any pictures so you will have to wait till after the meeting on Saturday...........

 I think we did pretty well on the dance floor too!

 At the museum in Coburg.

 An old style kiln packed as it was in the days of yore.
 Trudy and Vivienne concentrating on their bears in a workshop.
One of the older exhibits at the glass factory