Tuesday, 14 February 2017

First Meeting after AGM...........

A great turnout again and a fun workshop kicks off  2017, lots to see in show and tell and a great little project to get us started.

Great fun spent looking at all sorts of lovely colour prints and sewing our little cats, very simple and very effective in getting us back into the mood of creating things. Thankyou Lesley for leading the workshop

Everyone hard at work accompanied by the usual banter and gossip!

Workshop project for the next 3 meetings, looking forward to a range of mohair boys.......

Show and Tell......
 Doll from South Africa brought in by Pat

A great little Book with some lovely little ideas

 Congratulations to June and Michael on their 51st Wedding Anniversary, lovely picture

 June has showed us her workshop idea of Japanese flowers, looking forward to learning more

 A great way of using up and recycling Christmas cards, shown us by June
 Carole brought in her finished project doll.........just beautiful, she says she has no intention of making another one!!
 Caroles Boot sale find, she had to do a bit of restoration work but what a find.
Anne (who doesn't knit) has been turning out these hats on a knitting loom while she has to take extended periods of rest.

Join us at our next Meeting in March, see the website for details