Sunday, 13 November 2011

'Twas a fun workshop!

stuffing ,stuffing and more stuffing! our Christmas workshop was a venture in cloth doll making, a simple Christmas character.

 Vivienne brought in this wonderful fortune teller doll that Jeannine Scard made many years ago now as there had been a recent workshop making a similar doll. As usual, this one had that peculiar Jeannine touch which makes her very special. A lovely meeting was had by all, the next one in December is our Christmas party!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Surprise Christmas workshop

Our next meeting is on Sunday 13th November, usual place , usual time. and it will be a surprise Christmas workshop.....definitely Christmassy!

here's a sneak preview but which bit??

Friday, 14 October 2011

Next Meeting......

Our next Meeting will be at the usual place at the usual time. I'm sure there will be some congratulations and a collective pat on the back for us all after such a successful weekend.
The aim is to finish our boxes and final touches to this years project.

Sue, June and Eddie supported Wellow village Hall with an exhibition from all the users of the hall, as we have been using the hall for some time now, it seamed the right thing to do!

Competition winners.....

These are the results of the Regional competition held Kinson, Bournemouth hosted by Lesley and Mike Edwards of  Ellies doll workshop and the Southern Belles Chapter of the Global Doll Society




French dolls       GOLD            Sandra Russell
                           SILVER         Carol Handley
                           BRONZE       ------------------
                           COSTUME    Carol Handley                              
                           Ach.               Lesley Edwards

German dolls      GOLD           Jean Neal
                           SILVER         Sandie Cox
                           SILVER         Gemma Bursey
                           BRONZE       Carol Handley
                           COSTUME    Jean Neal
                           Ach.               Amanda Brooks

Baby dolls         GOLD             Carol Handley
                          SILVER          Amanda Brooks
                          BRONZE        Sally Clothier
                          COSTUME     Carol Handley

Miniature &
Small dolls        GOLD              Amanda Brooks
                          SILVER           Brenda Crouch
                          BRONZE         Kim Littlechild
                          COSTUME      Kim Littlechild
                          COSTUME      Sue Rivers
                          Ach.                 Joan Miles
                          Ach.                 Iris Crouch

Bru                    GOLD               -----------------
                          SILVER            Daphne Sykes
                          BRONZE          Carol Handley
                          COSTUME       Carol Handley
                          Ach.                  Amanda Brooks


Girls & Ladies
(under 14”)        GOLD             ------------------
                          SILVER          ------------------
                          BRONZE        Amanda Brooks
                          COSTUME     Amanda Brooks
                          Ach.                Sue Rivers

Girls & Ladies
(over 14”)          GOLD             Jean Neal
                          SILVER          Jackie Greenhill
                          SILVER          Barbara Lewis
                          BRONZE        Amanda Brooks
                          COSTUME     Iris Crouch
                          Ach.                Ann Miller
                          Ach.                Sandie Cox
                          Ach.                Joan Miles
                          Ach.                Sue Rivers

Boys & Men       GOLD             Jackie Greenhill
                          SILVER           Lesley Edwards
                          BRONZE         Mike Edwards
                          BRONZE         Daphne Sykes
                          COSTUME      Jackie Greenhill
                          Ach.                 Kim Littlechild

Baby Dolls           GOLD             Amanda Brooks
                            SILVER           Barbara Lewis
                            BRONZE        Jackie Greenhill
                            COSTUME     Ann Miller
                            Ach.                Ann Miller

Fantasy &
Fantasy tableau   GOLD            Caroline Durbin
                            SILVER          Lesley Edwards
                            BRONZE        Eddie  Shergold
                            COSTUME     Caroline Durbin

Artist Originals       GOLD            ----------------------
                              SILVER          Amanda Brooks
                              BRONZE        Pat Moore

Teddy bears &
Animals                 GOLD            Jackie Greenhill
                              SILVER          Ann Miller
                              SILVER          Amanda Brooks
                              BRONZE        Pat Moore


Porcelain               GOLD            Jean Neal
                              SILVER         Joan Miles
                              BRONZE       Joan King
                               Ach.              Carol Handley


JEAN NEAL                        German dolls
JEAN NEAL                        Decorative Porcelain
CAROLINE DURBIN           Fantasy
JACKIE GREENHILL          Boys & Men
JEAN NEAL                        Girls & Ladies
JACKIE GREENHILL          Teddies

A note from Debbie

Herewith a note from Debbie Stanton, our GDS founder and president.

hello members

We just had our Regional Competition and event organised by Lesley
Edwards of the Southern Belles in Bournemouth. (8th & 9th October 2011).
It was a lovely event attended by 58 members. The venue was perfect
and all the catering was supplied, everyone had a great time meeting
old friends, completing workshops and entering the GDS competition.

A big thankyou to members who brought so many dolls, a staggering 76
entries !!
Well done all of you and congrats to all the winners. Gillian will
send out the results sheet soon.
A big thanks also to Sue Maidment for taking the dolls in and of
course to the judges who had a lot of work to critique so many dolls,
it took them all day and they did a fine job!

I also had the opportunity to meet our new Gems System manager Trudy
Hood and a huge thankyou to her for sorting everything out and getting
it all up dated. This was a major task as it was in a bit of a mess.
Trudy has also translated the handbook into German language and
printed new certificates. Several Gem awards were handed out at the
weekend as well.

A big thankyou to all UK members for your efforts and hope you all
enjoyed the weekend.

We also had an AMAZING International event in Hanau, Germany , (16th
to 18th September 2011), which was very well organised by Martha
Grunewald and her family. The competition had 106 entries and some
really stunning dolls! The Doll Museum made the best venue for a doll
convention and in beautiful surroundings. I was thrilled to see so
many of our European members from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and
Norway and a large group travelled from the UK to help make it a truly
international event !
There were several special awards including Puppen & Spielzeug
magazine, The Doll Museum award and a fantastic prize presented by
Hildegard Gunzel as well as the GDS Coleman, Stanton and Wanke trophies.
Gilliian has already distributed the results sheet for this
competittion a few weeks ago, congratulations to all the worthy winners.

See you all again soon I hope.

Best Regards

Debbie Stanton
President & Founder
Global Doll Society

We did it!

We just had a wonderful weekend, a regional convention hosted by Lesley and Mike of Ellie's doll workshop and the Southern Belles Chapter. The venue was perfect, the food was fantastic and an awful lot of chatter was going on the whole time!
 Sylvia and Eddie minding the Southern Belles stand at the fair on the Sunday
 Some of the modern baby dolls in the competition
 Miniature and small dolls in the competition
 Lesley and Sue had a fun evening on Friday meeting with the Essex ring of dolls Chapter who had travelled from Essex and the great Western Chapter who had travelled from Bristol. I guess the Southern Belles are in the middle in Bournemouth!
 Mareen Rose gave us a wonderful insight into different silk and cotton fabrics and she has a wonderful collection of beautiful fabrics which she was happy for us to touch and feel, and some of the better 'polywatsits' as she calls them!
 Carol gave us a lovely demonstration on wefting mohair to make wigs for antique dolls
 Trudy has worked very hard in updating the gem award system, she explained the new system to us and several gem certificates were awarded.
Elaine gave a workshop making a little sewn box for keeping trinkets.
We have to thank great western too for giving a very busy workshop making leather shoes, unfortunately I didn't get a picture, I hope someone did to show later.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Next meeting.......

Our next meeting is on sat 13th August at the usual place. Hope to see you all there. The workshop this month is ribbon embellishment to compliment the fabric embellishments from last month. Please bring a sewing kit with you.

At our last meeting..............

A great time as always was had at our last meeting in July. Lots of 'show and tell' and some very interesting workshops to suit everyone. We also had a few boxes of goodies that Hannah, Angela's daughter very kindly donated to the club so that they may go on to another creative outlet. Thankyou Hannah.

 Crazy Quilting with June.

 A little fortune teller doll which was one of the workshops at the Convention in Oxford in May

 Elaine's miniature Kestner which won the costume award in Oxford
 Elaines K*R114 which won the judges choice in the DAG competiton in Oxford
 Lesley leading fabric painting demonstration
  Fabric embellishment with Pat

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Next Meeting.....

Just a reminder that the next meeting is on Sunday 10th July. Usual place, usual time!
This month we have 3 for the price of 1! 45 minutes each of 3 different fabric techniques - Use of an embellishment machine, silk painting and crazy quilting. Pictures to follow after the meeting!

Looking forward to seeing everyone there.......

Monday, 27 June 2011

As I'm sat here nursing a rotten cold I thought I'd try and sort out some of the old photos, so here a few from the archives which I think are typical of our meetings at Wellow hall, much gossip lots of work and great fun!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

All the awards......

Jean just emailed me to let me know exactly what all the competition places were for the Southern Belles at the IDMS convention in Oxford in May this year. which nicely rounds up our achievements......

"Hi Sue Looked at the blog page, Thought I had better let you know on my Tableau I got a 1st place and a popular choice, the rosette is on the back of the chair for 1st place and the one on the front was the popular choise.
If you want anymore picture's I can look to see If I have anything decent
Gemma and Margaret got a star award which is like an achivement award. Gemma for her Jenny in the painted eye section and Margaret was for her Henry you told her to put in the German Painted eye section.
Elaine in German dolls with glass eyes got 3rd place, Costume and Popular
Elaine in baby dolls got a 3rd and costume
Elaine in Miniature,dolls house and small bisque dolls up to 9" got 3rd and costume
Carol in French children 13" to 26" got 2nd place and Viv got Popular
we wiped the floor clean in the All Bru dolls with
Carol getting 1st, costume and pop, Viv got 2nd place and Yasuyo got 3rd place.
Elaine in Fashion dolls got 1st, costume and pop
In Modern section.
Yasuyo in All dolls under 18" including babies, got 3rd place
Melanie in Painted eyes got 3rd as you know
Me in Tableau 1st and pop
Elaine also got best in catergory for her all bisque 9" doll
AND Best Antique for her Portrait Jumeau
also received Blue Tudor Rose for Best painted
Pink Tudor Rose for Best Costume
Lesley and her IDMS Special Award for all her service to the events
And you already have Viv's Maggie but I think there were more DAG award which Lesley might have.
Does this help you.
Best wishes

Look out for more photos soon...........

Friday, 24 June 2011

Brighton Doll festival

I just had an email from Ceinwen with information about the 2012 brighton Doll fair. This is mainly for reborn artists but one or two other interesting things too have a look

Southern Belles adventures at the IDMS in Oxford

Southern Belles entries in the competition, didn't we do well?

 Vivienne's Magge Winner, May 2011

Melanies Mollie bronze winner May 2011

 Jean's Tableau, gold winner may 2011

 Elaine's top winner May 2011, well done Elaine! what an achievement!

Carole and Yasuyo Gold and Siver winners in the Bru section May 2011

Welcome to our new look blog...........

Welcome to our new look blog, we have rather neglected sharing our news with everyone but we aim to do better from now on!
Keep up to date with the Southern Belles adventures and projects by following us and checking in often.......

We hope to add the regular newsletter to the blog and of course lots of photos of member activities.

If you have anything you would like to add please email me HERE