Sunday, 15 January 2017

Happy New Year......

From all the Southern Belles, lets hope 2017 will be full of creativity and fun

Today was the day of the AGM and membership payments, the appointment of new officers and our annual Christmas party.

The annual reports are available to anyone who would like to see them, but needless to say a good year has passed, we remain financially healthy and looking forward to 2017.

Please see our website for an update of the 2017 programme and details of the new officers.


Secret Santa pressies....exciting!

Hilary finished he little project doll and dressed her to look like her grandaughter who already has it so we only got to see the photo

More project dolls getting there

A finished  topsy turvy doll a project lead by Lesley last year

Anne brought these cute little birds which she wore as Christmas earings!

An American lunch, lots of delicious puddings!!

June showed us her bag that she had made, a lovely design with beautiful embroidery all done by June.

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